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Rumi (Mevlana)

Rumi Poems

Rumi poems by Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi can be listened to here at Beloved Poetry.  Rumi also known as The Mevlana or “Master” was a prolific man of his time, a teacher, poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian philosopher, community leader, sage and seer beyond the veil of time and space and Sufi mystic are a few way many have tried to describe this man. Rumi spoke words that to this day inspire and move Lovers to kneel before the awe of Life and God and Love.  His message of the unity and passage to the beloved being within resonates with multitude of mystics and poetry lovers to this date.  He was recently described as the biggest selling poet in America thanks in short to the translations of Mr. Coleman Barks.  He dove deep in the waters of love and life after his encounter with his souls half-side, a man by the name of Shams of Tabriz some 770 years ago.  Their connection was beyond that of family, lover or friend.  Their ecstatic connection leaped time and space and seared both men into incredible insights into the truths of the human condition.  It is believed that Rumi’s followers were jealous of the time Rumi spent with Shams in multiple times got rid of him, ultimately believed that Shams of Tabriz was taken away and most likely killed by his followers… some say maybe even by his son Sultan Walad.  It is during this time that Rumi’s grief over Shams sends him spinning or whirling into such great longing that most of his poetry is birthed.  The Mevlana work has been widely translated to almost every spoken language on the planet.  His resting place in Konya, Turkey to this day get thousands of visitors a day.

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